Rent a car Zagreb - Hummer H3 - Luxury SUV

Hummer H3
1 1/1
Doors: 5
Power: kw
Fuell: diesel
Transmition: automatik


Price by day:


If you need short-term or long-term car rental vehicle Hummer H3 - Luxury SUV, Rent a car Zagreb will try to meet Your expectations. We can provide a car rental in any city in Croatia, and if necessary deliver the car to Your home address.

What i need to rent a car

Driver license
ID card or passport
Credit card

Rent a car Zagreb - Offices

Our main office is located in Zagreb. This fact does not prevent us to provide you with a vehicle at Zagreb airport, or any other address in Zagreb. Also our cars can be picked up in the Split airport, Zadar airport, Pula Airport or in any other city and address in Croatia.

Rent a car Zagreb - DMS promet

Kozjačka 17, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia;
+385 99 46 46 46 1
Radno vrijeme: 0-24

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